Peanut Hams!

Please bear with me, website under construction :)

Hi, and welcome, thank you for visiting my site! I own a very 
small hamstery in Aldridge in the West Midlands. I have owned Syrian hamsters for over 8 years but I have only recently decided expand my love for the little furries by owning more, showing and considering breeding. When I do begin to breed, I aim to produce show quality and above all, extremely friendly hamsters which will make wonderful pets! These will also further my own show lines.

My name, Peanut Hams, is not registered with the National Hamster Council, however, I am a member of the Midland Hamster Club and once I have been a member for a year, I will hopefully register my prefix.

I currently own 4 adult Syrian Hamsters. Having a small number means each individual is given plenty of time with me and I can care for them to the best of my ability. I am by no means a hamster expert but I do care for my animals as part of the family and I love each and every one. On this site you will find information on my hamsters, litters and information on how to care for your pet hamster.

Last Updated: 19/08/11
Boo - My Dark Golden female in her Wodent Wheel!
Chiggy - My oldest ever male when he was young!